Hand-Hammered Copper Bracelet

This beautiful, heavy copper bracelet is hand-hammered (not machine made) and will be sized to fit your arm.

The Bracelet is 1/2 of an inch wide.

This Bracelet can dress up a pair of Blue Jeans or something a little more formal.

The price includes a polishing cloth to keep it nice and shiny!!

We adore copper. Among the earliest of mined metals, it boasts a long history in the service of humankind – both utilitarian and artistic.

The only colored elemental metal besides gold, the glowing magnificence of copper was thought by ancient civilizations worthy even to adorn sacred edifices, such as the extraordinary temple built by King Solomon around 1000 BCE.

Men and women have long cherished copper jewelry as personal adornment, with archaeologically excavated samples spanning millennia.

While its antimicrobial properties are scientifically indisputable, traditional folklore has gone further, endowing copper with healthful properties even beyond that of an essential trace mineral. Many loyal adherents defend their anecdotally based belief in the powerfully healing effects of wearing copper jewelry.

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